Saturday :: Apr 3, 2004

More On Powell's CYA Against the CIA Yesterday

by Steve

As Pessimist noted earlier, Colin Powell did a major piece of CYA yesterday and pushed away from his good buddy George Tenet at the same time. Powell, returning from a trip to Europe where NATO told him to forget help for Iraq until Afghanistan is stable, told the media that he would not have made the now-bogus claim about Iraq’s use of mobile weapons labs unless he was told there were four different sources for that claim. He went on to say that it was the CIA’s fault that the intelligence for that claim was nonexistent.

Powell, who probably shouldn’t count on a Christmas card from Tenet this year, picked an interesting time to reveal this defense, with the stalled Iraq intelligence special commission finally gearing up. He obviously wants to point the finger at someone other than himself, but he neglects to mention the role that Rummy’s Office of Special Plans played in the debacle, with their use of unsubstantiated allegations from Ahmad Chalabi’s relatives (“Curveball”), and the fact that the IAEA never thought much of any of this WMD “evidence” in the first place. He also neglects to mention the role that the NSA is supposed to play in vetting all Administration national security arguments.

For that matter, Powell never mentions that the IAEA was kept from seeing a lot of the Administration’s “evidence” in the run up to the war. If Powell was so concerned that he use only fully substantiated data in making his case, he could have told his seat-mate Tenet to share this with the IAEA to make sure it checked out before he used it. But of course he didn’t. He simply followed orders like a good soldier to use every bit of unsubstantiated crap he could to make a pathetic case that Iraq posed an immediate threat to the national security of the United States. And for than, no matter what Powell says today, he is just as complicit in the campaign of deception as the rest of them.

Nice try Colin, but no sale. We’ll see if Condi can save Bush’s bacon now.

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