Sunday :: Apr 4, 2004

Death Count Of US Troops Now Up To As Many As Ten

by Steve

As a follow up to my earlier post, some of you have updated the killed in action figures today from three to now seven Americans, with more than 20 injured. The BBC reports the death toll at seven, as does the Post. Knight-Ridder has it at eight dead Americans.

The AP updates the figures to account for all of the violence of the last 24-48 hours, and comes up with 10 Americans killed, bringing the total for Bush's war of choice, not national security, to 610.

Sure, we have lots of troops over there, and the numbers are on our side. But that's the same BS we heard in Vietnam. Can we regain control in the worst parts of Iraq without shooting the hell out of the country, and incensing the people even more than they are now? Up until today, I thought so. Now, I don't know. It is irrelevant now whether it is Al Qaeda stirring up this trouble, or the Iraqi Shias themselves. Bush created this problem.

Folks, if our allies bail out on us in Iraq, leaving us by ourselves with the UN on the sidelines, it won't matter how many part-time jobs W's deficit-ridden economy creates between now and November.

If Iraq keeps going downhill, Bush is f**ked.

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