Monday :: Apr 5, 2004

Bush Is AWOL On His Own Agenda

by Steve

Remember during the 2000 campaign Mr. Bush told us he supported a Patients Bill of Rights (PBOR) and took credit for one in Texas? Of course it turned out that he was actually against a PBOR and let the Texas measure become law without his signature when he knew a veto would run contrary to being a compassionate conservative presidential candidate two years later. He got away with that deception because the media and hapless Gore campaign didn't hold him accountable.

Fast forward four years, and notice that not only has Bush done nothing to implement a national PBOR, but he has actually come out against his own Texas PBOR in two Supreme Court cases at the end of last month. Of course, not only does Bush not care about a PBOR, but coming out against health care consumers in these two cases gave him the chance to pay back two of his biggest campaign contributors, Aetna and Cigna, the defendants in the two cases.

Of course, no one should be surprised at Bush's mendacity and lack of follow-through on PBOR or any of his others initiatives or promises. Monday's Post points out that Bush is AWOL on many of his initiatives. On a wide range of issues from immigration, the space program, gay marriage, anthrax protection, and other splashy Rovian misdirections, the Bush Administration simply introduces something for political effect and pandering to a voting block, and then simply abandons the issue when no one is looking.

Well, at least he paid some attention to these issues for a couple of minutes, which is more time than he spent on Al Qaeda during the summer of 2001.

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