Monday :: Apr 5, 2004

Bush Says Once Again He Had No Indication Of Al Qaeda Strike With Aircraft At Our Buildings

by Steve

I give Bush credit for some things: when he sticks his neck in a noose, he keeps it there. Today, he reiterated for the umpteenth time that had he any indication that Al Qaeda would seize commercial airliners and flown them into our buildings, he would have done everything in his power to stop it. All I can say after hearing that defense one more time is to believe it, you would also have to believe that 1) obviously no information whatsoever gets to Mr. Bush, and 2) he has no power.

Since the 9/11 Commission is about to say that the attacks were probably preventable, and since one brave FBI interpreter has already come forward to confirm that such warnings did come to the White House during the summer of 2001, one can argue that Mr. Bush not only confirmed his mendacity once again this morning, but also set the stage for his own impeachment. If he states so unequivocally that he would have acted if he had the information, and if it is about to be shown that he did in fact get that information, then no amount of Clintonian word-parsing or sacrificing of lower-level White House staffers will get Bush off the hook for lying, and failing to uphold the Constitution and to protect and defend the United States. This would apply not only to 9/11, but to Iraq as well.

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