Tuesday :: Apr 6, 2004

The Miserable Failure That Is Colin Powell

by Steve

Our friend Colin Powell is at it again today. Doing his best Ari Fleisher impersonation, Powell cautioned Teddy Kennedy today for Kennedy’s comments from yesterday that Iraq is George W. Bush’s Vietnam. Powell told Fox News (of course) this afternoon that Kennedy "should be a little more restrained and careful in his comments because we are at war."

Powell then admitted he hadn’t even seen Kennedy’s speech yesterday.

Too bad Powell wasn’t more worried about the troops being used for political cannon fodder in Iraq than he was with covering Bush’s ass.

Meanwhile, if you want the best write-up on Powell’s pathetic tenure and his problems with Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, and his own staff, you must read Michael Steinberger’s long piece in the current edition of the American Prospect. The piece is full of great detail and quotes, and points out the snake pit that is the Bush Administration foreign policy apparatus.

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