Wednesday :: Apr 7, 2004

It May Get Lonely For Us In Iraq

by Steve

Don't look now, but as a result of the recent surge in violence in Iraq, the Coalition of the Bribed may become the Coalition of the Running. We may be lonely in Iraq, as some of our coalition partners are thinking of cutting back operations. or even heading home.

"Most seem to be on the defensive -- self-protecting" rather than taking the initiative against Sadr's militia, said Jeffrey White, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst of Middle Eastern security issues.

Others point out that many nations joined the coalition more to curry favor with the U.S. government than to signal strong support for U.S. policy in Iraq, and so should not be expected to conduct extensive combat operations. "I don't think many of these governments have an ideological commitment to the Bush Doctrine and are likely to do little more than the bare minimum to remain on good terms with Washington," said Stephen Zunes, a political scientist at the University of San Francisco. The Bush Doctrine advocates taking preemptive, unprovoked action against emerging threats.

Something to watch for in the next several days is whether the smaller contingents simply stop responding to U.S. orders, said White, the former DIA analyst. It is a real possibility, he said, that "command and control of non-U.S./U.K. forces breaks down, with elements cutting deals with Sadr and hoping to stay out of the fight."

I'm sure the White House will find a good way to spin this as well.

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