Thursday :: Apr 8, 2004

Saudi Embassy Financed Flight School Training For Saudi Nationals In July-August 2001

by Steve

Newsweek’s chief investigative reporter Mike Isikoff, he of Lewinsky fame, and Mark Hosenball are on the trail of a story that is truly troubling – for George W. Bush. It turns out that the FBI and the Treasury Department have been quietly investigating links between payments made to Saudi nationals inside the US and an Al Qaeda operative. During the course of looking into the financial transactions handled by the Saudis' domestic US bank, the FBI stumbled across other suspect payments to Saudi nationals. And what did these payments facilitated by the Saudi embassy go for?

Flight school training in July and August 2001 in the Southwest, and payments to an Al Qaeda operative.

I guess Bob Muller and John Snow will be asked to sit on this until December, don’t ya think?

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