Thursday :: Apr 8, 2004

Condi Says If There Were No Warnings In Summer of 2001, It's Someone Else's Fault

by Steve

Remember, it's never Condi's fault.

Another focus of debate was a meeting on July 5 between Rice, Clarke and White House chief of staff Andrew Card focused on possible threats to the homeland. Rice said Clarke "was asked to make sure that domestic agencies were aware of the heightened threat period and were taking appropriate steps to respond."

But Democratic commissioner Jamie S. Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general, said a broad swath of aviation, transportation and law enforcement officials knew little or nothing about the elevated threat levels that summer. She said commission investigators have not found anyone within the FBI, including then-acting director Thomas J. Pickard, who recalls any special orders. Rice suggested that any blame would lie with the FBI or with Clarke, who was in charge of "crisis management."

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