Wednesday :: Apr 14, 2004

All The pResidense Men

by pessimist

Now that Owwer Leedur has finished his school recital, with proud Condi Mom and glowering Father Karl in attendance, we can now pile on the fawning media.

I did a quick scan of the big four broadcast networks (I don't have cable and have no interest in getting it - free TV is bad enough), and it was about as I expected. Each (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS) reporter was falling all over himself trying to make the claim that Bush gave a good speech, that he made all his points, that, in effect, he is the True Scion of the Great Communicator himself!

All pathetically laughable!

NBC's White House reporter, the one at the news 'conference' (sorry, didn't catch his name) did at least bring up some negative points about Bush not quite answering a couple of questions before he fawned himself at Bush's figurative feet.

The worst of the bunch, and a huge disappointment to me personally, since he always seems to write well about the shortcomings of the Bush (mis)Administration, was Tom Oliphant on PBS. He is the backup man for Mark Shields on The News Hour (Shields obviously had better things to do yesterday than play the Colmes to David Brook's Hannity). Except for making a couple of points about a couple of questions that Bush avoided answering, Oliphant couldn't offer enough compliments! He was so busy kissing up that Brooks could hardly keep a straight face, barely even getting a word in edgewise.

Net result: the major media has begun the major spin on this 'presentation of the facts'. We're going to hear from our favorite trolls about how well things were 'explained' and that 'there's nothing there to justify the accusations'.

If only Bob Woodward hadn't gone over to the Dark Side!

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