Thursday :: Apr 15, 2004

Just Who Exactly Presented The August 6, 2001 PDB To Bush?

by Steve

According to an overlooked story in today's Post, are we to understand that neither Mr. Tenet nor Ms. Rice presented to Mr. Bush the now-infamous August 6, 2001 PDB? Since this was probably the most important PDB given to Bush that summer, and it came at the president's request, I am surprised that neither Tenet nor Rice nor Clarke actually presented it to the president. Was this really left to a lower-level CIA staffer?

Given the subject matter and the fact that the president by the White House's own account specifically asked for such a briefing on domestic threats, don't you find it somewhat inconsistent that such a briefing on that subject matter wouldn't be given by Tenet, Rice, or Clarke? Exactly how important was this to Bush if it was presented by a staffer, and what proof do we have that the briefing was presented to, and read by the president?

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