Thursday :: Apr 22, 2004

Watching Voting Blocks Vote Against Their Interests

by Steve

A Newsweek/GENEXT poll just out shows that Kerry has lost his lead over Bush amongst 18-29 year olds. Kerry now commands a 45%-42% lead over Bush amongst this age group, down from a 56%-42% lead he had back in February. Has Kerry lost so much ground because of Bush and his advertising deluge? No, the reason why Kerry has lost his big lead comes down to two words: Ralph Nader.

That’s right boys and girls. If this poll is to be believed, 11% of the young would rather vote for Nader and deliver us to another four years of Bush. All I can say is that I hope these young voters will think of their votes for Ralph when BushCo brings back the draft next year to fulfill the remainder of W’s and PNAC’s mission to save the world. Sure, both Rummy and especially Scott McClelland said yesterday that reinstituting the draft was “not currently under consideration” by the Administration. But that non-denial denial is code-speak for “wait until after the election.”

We can only hope that Kerry racks up a sizable edge with seniors to overcome any losses to Nader among the young. Since any chimpanzee can point out Bush’s weaknesses on the issues of Social Security and Medicare, I feel good that even Bob Shrum can do this. But Rove knows that voters can be misdirected away from voting their self-interest just enough to tip an electoral group your way by snowing them with images and talk, as if your record didn’t exist. How else to explain the lame-brained response by members of organized labor in a study group recently, wherein they felt that Bush was a warm and friendly guy. That’s right, the same Bush who has waged war against workplace safety protections, held up homeland security by demonizing unionized workers, moved to contract out almost a million federal jobs to campaign contributors, and fought against the rights of workers to organize is thought of as likeable and strong, with a nice family and good moral values.

If union members and the young help George W. Bush to election in 2004, they will deserve what they get in a second term.

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