Friday :: Apr 23, 2004

Touch Screen Follow Up

by Duckman GR

Need something to do this weekend? Call Kevin Shelley and urge him to throw Diebold into the round file, or e-mail his staff.

I like this Common Dreams article on the touch screen machines, especially the reactions of the registrars affected. I know its a job and all, but, that is their job, and its kinda important.

"I don't understand how they can say they didn't work well," said San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Debbie Hench, who argued that the county's March election was largely problem free. The county bought 1,626 Diebold touch-screen machines for $5.7 million.

This decision will be a "step backward" for Kern County, said Registrar of Voters Ann Barnett, who bought 1,350 Diebold touch-screen machines for $5 million.

San Diego County Registrar of Voters Sally McPherson said the county spent almost $30 million for its 10,200 Diebold machines and officials there "believe in touch screens. We were prepared to move forward."


People believe in UFO's too, but only a very small handful base their lives on that belief. And I can understand how they can say they didn't work well, because here in San Diego County, they didn't.

By the time I voted, the glitches were gone, but many voters had already lost their chance to vote. Yes, the machines are easy to use. Easy on the eyes, chad free. But that's not the issue. They aren't secure, and you can't prove otherwise. You may as well flip a coin.

So let Kevin and Co. know what you think. It can only help the process.

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