Monday :: Apr 26, 2004

Israelis Drag Out "Saddam Had WMD Drones" Story Once Again

by Steve

Between Dick Cheney, Ahmad Chalabi, and the Israeli Defense Forces, it is hard to see which is more pathetic in their attempts to defend pre-war claims about Iraqi WMD capabilities. Chalabi at least makes no bones about the fact that he played us into toppling Hussein with bogus stories from “defectors” who turned out to be family members. Cheney pitifully still claims that WMDs exist even as people like David Kay who have been there keep saying it is time for the US to fess up and move on about Iraq.

Now today comes the comments from Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon of the IDF, who says that Hussein had modified aircraft to be WMD-dispersing drones against Israel. Yaalon says that the aircraft don’t exist now because our forces destroyed them in the first days of the war, and that the missing WMDs are either buried or were moved to Syria. And these weren’t the balsa wood prototypes that the IAEA knew about, these allegedly were fighter aircraft that our guys could have seen before and after the invasion.


First, it’s good to see the IDF come up with the rationale for a post-election Syrian invasion. Second, knowing how important it would be for the US to obtain proof of the alleged WMD capabilities, wouldn’t it make some sense for our forces to retain some evidence of any WMD-related material or systems they allegedly destroyed in the first days of the war? Third, if we did in fact destroy the drones, wouldn’t David Kay and the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) find some evidence of them in the months of looking for them, especially if our military knew where they were because they destroyed them? And lastly, if the IDF knew about WMD-dispersing drones that could hit Israeli soil, then why didn’t the never-shy IDF take them out themselves without waiting for us to do it?

It appears that both Bush and the Israelis are still trying to prove by any means necessary that Hussein did have WMDs, with Bush knowing that any proof he can muster right before the election can only help him dispel the doubts about how this war was sold to the world. Today it appears that the ISG attempted to inspect a warehouse in of all places Fallujah to see if the owner was supplying chemicals for makeshift bombs, only to see the warehouse blow up with unknown casualties.

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