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Rough Ridin' To The Rescue - Mission, That Is

by pessimist

Lately, George Warmonger Bush has been touring the country. He's been trying to sell his snakeoil nostrum that, without the permanent renewal of the USA Patriot Act, there would be no means of defense against terrorism. The only thing is, not everyone is convinced - not even all the conservative Republicans in Congress.

As the New York times stated in a recent editorial against renewal without a thorough examination of the Act's provisions:

Patriot Act (NYT Thursday, April 22, 2004)

President George W. Bush was on the campaign trail on Tuesday, wrapping himself in [the USA Patriot Act] and urging Congress to extend parts of the law that do not expire until the end of next year. [The Act] has always been a tempting bit of election-year politics, an easy way to seem tough on terrorism. But it also is bad law, and the president should be heeding calls from conservatives and liberals to remove provisions that trample on civil liberties.

[The Act] sailed through Congress just weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, in a climate, and bearing a name, that made it difficult to raise questions. Instead of conducting a serious investigation of the law enforcement flaws that made the nation vulnerable, its drafters came up with a rushed checklist of increased police powers, many of dubious value in fighting terrorism.

Among the most troubling provisions is Section 215, which allows the FBI to order libraries, hospitals and others with personal records to hand over such information about individuals. People like librarians can be jailed if they refuse, or if they notify the targets.

Another authorizes "sneak and peek" searches, in which the government can secretly search people's homes and delay telling them about the intrusions.

As troubling as specific provisions like these is the "mission creep" that has inevitably occurred. Bush's own Justice Department told Congress last fall that the act's loosened restrictions on government surveillance were regularly being used in nonterrorism cases, like drug trafficking and white-collar crime.

It is not hard to see the attraction of making a political issue out of [the Act], with an independent commission raising questions about the administration's vigilance before 9/11. But Bush's sweeping praise for the Act sidesteps the real debate. Members of Congress from both parties, including conservatives like Senator Larry Craig, the Idaho Republican, and Representative Don Young, the Alaska Republican, have expressed concern about features of the act, like the expanded search powers, that could harm civil liberties.

With more than a year and a half before central provisions of the act are due to expire, even its supporters do not need to rush to reauthorize it. It would be more productive for Bush and Congress to spend the time finding ways to fight terrorism that do not take away important liberties.

However, never let it be said that George Warmonger Bush ever missed taking the easy way out. It's SO much easier just to allow a 1984-style Big Brother authoritarianism to do all the work! This way, there are no expectations that have to be met nor explanations that have to be offered. Which would explain the following comments by Owwer Leedur:

US a hard country to defend: Bush

Acknowledging that US is a "hard country to defend", President George W Bush has said that those Americans who expect another terror attack in the nation have reason for such fears. "Our intelligence is good. It's just never perfect, that is the problem," Bush told executives of over 1,500 Associated Press-member newspapers at the cooperative's annual meeting. "We are disrupting some cells here in America. We are chasing people down. But it is... a big country."

When asked about a poll showing that 67 per cent of Americans thought it was likely that a terrorist attack would be carried out in US between now and the November two Presidential polls, Bush referred to last month's train bombings three days before Spain's national election. "I can understand why they think we are going to get hit again," Bush said. "They saw what happened in Madrid. This is a hard country to defend," he added. The Madrid train blasts, which killed 191 people and injured more than 2,000, were widely seen as contributing to the ruling party's unexpected defeat.

Bush also condemned [last week's] terrorist attacks in Basra and Riyadh. "They attacked in Basra. Killed innocent Iraqis. They attacked in Riyadh. ... They attack all the time. They'd like to attack us again, by the way," he said, and vowed to remain on the offensive in the war on terrorism. He admitted the last few violence-filled weeks in Iraq were difficult, but pledged not to lessen his administration's commitment to a free and democratic Iraq. (sic)

Some folks are inclined to give Dumbya the benefit of the doubt, whereas others have doubts about his benefit:

Laying Out The Heart Of The Case Against The President

Chronologically Presented and Argued By Joseph B. Ehrlich, President Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. 4-18-4

Suggested Findings for the 9-11 Commission

Circumstantial and direct evidence prove beyond a reasonable doubt the following:

a. The Bush administration showed wanton neglect in protecting the nation on 9-11 from anticipated and forewarned domestic terrorism;

b. As to allow the conclusion that it allowed the historically recorded terrorism of that day to take place;

c. That the Bush administration or a shadow government in control thereof was complicit in the events of that day to elevate the terrorism otherwise planned by Al-Qaeda cells in the United States, taking flight lessons to aid in a planned hijacking of US aircraft;

d. That the Bush administration could have prepared and should have prepared a structured plan to respond to the imminent threat of airplane hijackings but did not only do so but the record shows that the sitting administration did not in fact convey requisite and needed information and command for the FBI, FAA and other agencies to properly move forward to preclude the attack or prevent the damage done on 9-11 to major metropolitan areas;

e. That the Congress is compelled to pursue the issue that the long in place NORAD system to protect the country including major metropolitan areas from nuclear attack, failed on 9-11 to intervene even after four planes went off transponder and more than one plane was known hijacked by 8:25 AM that day;

f. That the President and his administration's argument that it simply underestimated the threat and danger in play and that there were systemic problems in the country's infrastructure to meet and address the attack of 9-11, which it could not correct in its first 233 days in office, is deemed fully irrelevant to the conclusions and determinations otherwise rendered above under the known facts and circumstances deemed central and relevant to the events of 9-11.

WHEREFORE, this Commission's findings should be forwarded to the United States Congress for immediate action deemed fitting, appropriate and required in view of the serious and dire implications thereof to the nation.

For the full report

Some people, however, have already decided - Bush should be condemned.

A Formal 'Indictment' Of Bush - From Leslie Bell [] 4-21-4

May God damn you Bush(es)...
...for bringing back the daily horrors of Viet Nam, only worse.

...for trying to create decades of illicit profit-making war when peace was at hand.

...for creating Osama in the first place and then using him as a patsy to attack your own people.

...for creating Saddam in the first place and then using him as a pawn to grab more filthy oil, all the while forcing our boys to slip on the blood of innocent children.

...for igniting the entire Arab world against the US when peace was at last, at hand.

...for creating an unbeatable nuclear alliance of the Russo, Sino, and Arab worlds against the US and Britain.

...for fully perverting evangelical Christianity, deceiving millions of feeble-faithed into a counterfeit cult of due genocidal supremacy and war-worshiping death.

...for inspiring real terrorism throughout the world against the US, when it was clearly winding down after the first real WTC attack, with every further step toward real peace between Israel and Palestine.

...for creating, using, and supporting the Fascist government of Israel and their Nazi genocidal expansionist regime.

...for conceiving, funding, creating, and deploying AIDS upon the third world and your own people in a decoy program.

...for destroying the earth in your endless support of oil profits over hydrogen.

...for subverting America, Democracy, yes, and even Capitalism and replacing it with Religious Nazism in all its essence.

...for putting your own personal and familial survival over that of everyone else on the planet.

...for your unsurpassed human selfishness, surpassed only by your master Lucifer and his fallen.

...for your insanity, insanity borne of conscious choice of evil over good, and denial of the real God.

...for everything heinous and evil you've done we don't even know about yet.

And finally, God damn you for not turning around when you were given every opportunity to do so.

And now, in utter futility, I still say unto you, it's not too late. Yet.


It may not be too late - yet - but the time when it will be too late comes closer by the minute.

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