Wednesday :: Apr 28, 2004

Kerry Running Mate Process Starts With Edwards, Gephardt, And Vilsack - Gore SugarDaddies The Party For $6 Million

by Steve

The Associated Press is reporting this evening that Kerry’s running mate search process is already well into background checks on Dick Gephardt, John Edwards, and Iowa governor Tom Vilsack. Washington party insider and lawyer Jim Johnson, who is conducting the background check process for Kerry, is reportedly also interested in Indiana senator Evan Bayh, and former senators Sam Nunn and Bob Kerrey, even though Kerrey told the campaign allegedly weeks ago he wasn’t interested.

And in another story of note today, Al Gore donated upwards of $6 million to the DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC, and state parties in Florida and Tennessee. As generous as this is, and the money will certainly come in handy, I find it a little surprising that Gore still had this much laying around from the 2000 race. Unless, of course, it was his nest egg for a repeat run this year.

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