Thursday :: Apr 29, 2004

Kerry Tags Bush For Putting Industry Ahead Of Protecting Chemical Plant And Ports From Terrorism

by Steve

John Kerry tagged the Bush Administration today for failing to beef up protections against terrorist attacks at the nationís ports and nuclear/chemical facilities. More than two and a half years after 9/11, Kerry noted that little has been done at our ports, and he alleged that due to industry influence, both nuclear and chemical plant safety is lagging.

His charges have been validated by a recent GAO report that found the nationís nuclear storage facilities are vulnerable to a terrorist attack despite funding increases. It appears that Spencer Abrahamís Energy Department has dumbed-down the security requirements for the governmentís nuclear storage facilities.

Not only are the nuclear storage facilities inadequately prepared, but another GAO study found that the nationís chemical facilities and railway tankers are also inadequately protected two and half years after 9/11. Why? Because George W. Bush opposes mandatory safety and security requirements and is allowing the American Chemistry Council to adhere to voluntary measures. What a concept - voluntary anti-terrorism requirements for a large campaign donor.

I wonder why Bush would allow public safety to take a back seat to the nuclear, chemical and railway industries. Oops, we know why. Plus, Bush is afraid that his buddies will sue him if he tries. Well, do the right thing George and tell them to ďso sue me.Ē What are they going to do Ė give money to Kerry?

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