Thursday :: Apr 29, 2004

Some More Slippage In Polls For Bush Over Iraq?

by Steve

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Don’t look now, but the poll that our GOP friends are quick to waive around is still showing an uptick in Kerry’s numbers since he went back on the attack. According to the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, Kerry is up to 46% against Bush’s 44%, which is Bush's lowest number in nearly three weeks. Again, it’s a daily tracking poll in April.

And as Pessimist reported earlier today, the latest CBS News/New York Times poll out yesterday shows that for the first time as many of those polled (46%) think that the Iraq war was not worth fighting as those who do (47%). Fifty-eight percent of those polled now think the war is not worth the cost in American lives. And as you can see, voters feel the war is hurting us terribly in the Arab world.

As you might expect given the message problems in the campaign, the problems for Bush over Iraq have not yet translated into support for Kerry, although he still leads Bush in a head-to-head match up in this poll. The ultimate irony for Bush would be to see the economy improving on a diet of tax cuts, defense spending, and deficits in time for the election, only to see the war be his Achilles heel. At least Kerry will have the money to buy back some positive media.

And as bad as this might be for Bush, wait until the taxpayers find out that the Administration is spending the Iraq reconstruction money not on rebuilding Iraq, but on administrative overhead and security costs.

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