Friday :: Apr 30, 2004

"It was Fun"

by Duckman GR

That's what George V (KG III, GHWB-IV, GWB-V) said, but, funny, I can't seem to find it in print, but I know he said it, and that raises the question, Fun!!!????

But he answered every question they asked!

Good boy George, good boy!

Nor have I seen much discussion of the dissin' Sen Kerrey and Rep Hamilton gave to Bush when they left early, yet I heard the asshat talk radio clown in San Diego ranting and raving about it, attacking the two men for leaving the meeting early. Like after 2 hours instead of the whole 3.

What is it with these people that they have to resort to petty attacks on people's character or intentions or integrity? Kick em while they're down of course, keep them off balance, anything to avoid addressing anything of substance.

Because substance is what they lack. And integrity. Or honor. Ted Koppel is getting attacked for daring to read off the names of the dead. It's all a ratings ploy, they scream. How dishonorable to the dead, they howl.

STFU! Let's not recognize the final price these people have paid. No, let's try to hide the costs, protect the "innocent" American people, like we haven't been subjected to death and violence daily in our "entertainment" and our news and our nightmares.

So what if it's "sweeps" month or not. George Bush wants to hide these Americans from view. I say we don't let him do it.

Earlier today I watched a C-17 struggling to get airborne from Miramar MCAS. Those big jets are not normal denizens of the base, so I figured it's carrying cargo for Iraq. Including U.S.M.C. Marines. As the F/A-18 jets scream overhead I think about that sound of "Freedom" that some people call it.

Is that freedom? Or is freedom what I'm doing now? Hammering home the logical holes in an argument, like Bush's on WMD's, is that freedom? Walking down the street without a badge to identify me, no wallet to identify me, and not worrying about it if I do? Not worrying if those jets overhead are leveling out for a bombing run on my neighborhood, is that freedom?

Good luck to those Marines and Soldiers and Sailors and everyone else over in Iraq and Afghanistan as they deal with the hand Bush dealt them. Return home safe and sound.

I just hope Koppel doesn't have to do this again the next "sweeps."

And I'm glad Bush had "fun" answering questions about 9/11. I'm happy for him.

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