Sunday :: May 2, 2004

Bush Bus Tour

by Mary

George W Bush will be taking his show on the road to Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa to show folks he is just an ordinary guy.

When George W. Bush gets on a bus Monday to head into the American heartland for a series of "Ask the President" events and even a pancake breakfast or two, he will be making a deliberate statement to voters: I am not an imperial president.

During his outing in the country, he will be letting voters know he really, really cares about jobs and the miracle of his tax breaks for the multimillionaires will surely pay off in new jobs in their states. Who cares if the majority of jobs coming back to the states pay less than the old manufacturing jobs that disappeared?

What I'd like to know is how open and public these events will be? Will he continue to have his "free speech zones" where protesters will be relegated? As someone who is almost pathelogically afraid of being confronted by anyone who isn't a cult follower, I'd bet he won't have to suffer the sight of people who protest his policies and are angry with his lies.

Please let me know if you see any sign he is "accessible" to the general public rather than his hand-picked props. (Remember how the soldiers in Iraq were screened on Thanksgiving and if they weren't sufficiently pro-Bush were forbidden access to the Thanksgiving dinner?)

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