Monday :: May 3, 2004

Being Ahead Of The Curve

by Steve

Iím as guilty as the next guy about self-promotion. Letís face it: blogging is difficult work, and at times you get frustrated with the feeling that you see things and canít understand why others donít see what you do. So when others begin to write about stuff that you mentioned weeks or even months ago, you pat yourself on the back, take an imaginary bow, and then scurry off to be wrong about something new tomorrow.

Tonight, Iíll take my bows on three things. First, it appears that Salon is catching up to something we wrote over a month ago. Chalabiís friends in the White House and the Pentagon have finally awakened to the fact that they were played for fools by Chalabi. Oleí Ahmad got Cheney, Rummy, Feith, Wolfie, and Rice to overthrow Saddam for him, so that he could swoop in and forge new ties with the Iranians. And now the PNAC crowd feels used. Bwahahahahaha, you suckers!

Second, similar to a theme that we started also almost a month ago, Kevin Drum of the Washington Monthlyís Political Animal weblog points out how bad of a CEO Bush is. We mentioned at the time that Bushís failures and that of his team have managed to give a bad name to a MBA presidency.

Lastly, and it gives me no great pleasure to say this, but the New York Times wrote today about the growing concerns from the Democratic establishment about the message-less, ineffective, and dormant Kerry campaign, a theme we have been beating like a rug since as far back as mid-February. At least Kerry now has the $25 million to dump on ads to reintroduce himself to voters, in an effort to overcome a negative image of him that never should have been established unchallenged in the first place. And I'm sure that the worthless Bob Shrum will pocket a huge fee from such a large, all-at-once ad buy. But Kerry is not going to win this fall without a political killer hammering Bush every damn day. Kerry was smart enough once to cut his losses and dump Jim Jordan. He needs to do it again, or he will face the same fate as Al Gore did in 2000, Shrum's last presidential candidate.

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