Wednesday :: May 5, 2004

Campaigning in Ohio

by Mary

President Bush bragged that his tax cuts have kick started the economy and Ohioans could see that by the new jobs that were coming into the state: all 2,900 of them in March. Yet as the article said, all those new jobs didn't make much dent in the in the quarter of a million jobs that were lost under his watch. But Bush is optimistic.

Bush, who is proud of his record of accomplishments, told reporters that he has earned another term.

"We've been through war, we've been through emergency, we've been through corporate scandals and things are better. Things are improving," he said. "They are not as good as they will be, but as we sit here in May 2004, I can say the life of the Ohio citizen is improving. The fundamental question is who'll put policies in place to make sure that it continues to improve beyond the election cycle."

Bush knows that there will lots more new jobs in his second term. Ones in exciting new locations, especially if you like the desert heat of the middle East, where he has lots more plans of bringing democracy to the countries surrounding Iraq. More tax cuts and more wars and the draft. Who said Bush hadn't earned a new term?

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