Wednesday :: May 5, 2004

Bush Gets More Aggressive With Still No Sign Of A Similar Posture From Kerry

by Steve

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David Sanger noted in today’s NYT that for all the hoopla about the Bush Bus Tour yesterday, he only spent about an hour on the bus. But the most notable item as Sanger mentioned, is that Bush has decided himself to adopt a tougher and more sardonic line of attack against Kerry, instead of leaving the dirt throwing to Cheney. Bush got a rousing reception in Cincinnati yesterday, where they lapped up every Bush slap at Kerry.

Against this backdrop there is more evidence of damage to Kerry from not instituting a Tier Two campaign months ago and allowing Rove to paint him negatively without hitting Bush first. The latest National Annenberg Election Survey taken through last week shows that Kerry’s negatives have doubled since January while Bush’s favorability numbers have remained flat in that time. The Quinnipiac Poll shows that Kerry has fallen eight points since the Bush offensive in a head-to-head match up, again with Bush not improving himself. In other words, Rove has successfully brought Kerry down into the gutter while doing little to help his own candidate. And now Kerry needs to spend $25 million just to buy back what he shouldn’t have lost in the first place, with still no evidence of an effective, surrogate-led offensive game plan in sight.

Well at least the daily tracking polls look good, for now. But can anyone think of anything noteworthy that Kerry has said in the last week? If the president has now taken the gloves off Senator, when will you go on the offensive?

Update: Well, at least Kerry finally jumped Bush on the issue of Iraqi prisoner abuses today.

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