Thursday :: May 6, 2004

The Dysfunction Continues

by Steve

Colin Powell is in denial that he created his current firestorm himself. After telling his staff and friends to work with author Wil Hylton for the GQ piece and then seeing the comments in print, he now wants the media to leave him alone. And as you guessed, today he is denying what people said on his behalf.

Boucher did not dispute the accuracy of the quotes attributed to Powell's aides, which the author, Wil S. Hylton, said he tape-recorded. But Boucher said that Wilkerson believed he was speaking "on background," meaning any quotes would not be attributed to him by name.

Hylton insisted it was clear the interview was on the record, as were almost all the conversations he had with Powell's aides. "It was really weird," he said. "I didn't have a particular hunger to interview these guys," but the State Department press aide working with him kept setting up interviews and insisting he meet with more people, he said.

Powell told reporters he had not read the article yet. "I've spent an enormous amount of time answering questions about articles and books," he said after meeting with the Bulgarian foreign minister. "It's too bad we have to spend time on these kinds of issues. Let's get on to the substance, and I don't want to answer any more questions about these kinds of things."

After escorting the minister to his car, Powell returned to the microphones. "Anybody else wants to dipstick me?" he asked. "Give me a break. Come on, guys."

General, if you don’t want the press “dipsticking” you, then stop dipsticking yourself.

As for Rumsfeld, a day after a senior administration official leaked that Bush chastised Rummy for his alleged mismanagement of the prisoner abuse issue, Bush said the Rummy isn’t going anywhere and is staying in his cabinet. This would be expected, since the firing of Rumsfeld would represent the disembodiment of Bush’s policy itself. But then why have someone in the Administration leak Bush’s alleged displeasure in the first place? How dysfunctional is this White House? Worse yet, Bush finally apologized today, a day after he blew the chance to do so and got 24 hours of bad press for it.

These guys are true f*ck-ups.

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