Thursday :: May 6, 2004


by dj moonbat

It's amazing, now that I think about it. All the places that I love to visit--Billmon, Atrios, Gilliard, you name it--put out the collection plate.

But Steve won't. Freakin' Steve. Too damned committed to the notion of even-handed, open-minded public debate to even mention that it costs him something every month to keep this circus running.

Look, folks. I get nothing if you shell out a few bucks to keep The Left Coaster going; nobody is depending on you to buy us a laptop. Unlike pretty much anybody else, y'all know that if you send a few bucks Steveward, it's all going to end up paying for the website.

So, as much as I wish Steve would send out a "give Matt a new laptop" message, I know that there is something more important going on (but if somebody wants to give me a new laptop, that's cool, too).

If The Left Coaster has made your political world more sensical; if it has made you want to do something; if it's given you a chance to vent that you wouldn't have had anywhere else, give Steve some love.

Halliburton won't touch a freaking penny. I swear.

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