Monday :: May 10, 2004

What About John Kerry's Campaign?

by Mary

Although President Bush's approvals are dropping rapidly, Kerry isn't gaining much from Bush's problems. I've been wondering why that was for a while, but now I think it is due to effectiveness of the lies that the NRC has been spreading and it is clear that FOX is making a big difference.

I spent some time this weekend talking to some friends and one of them was despondent that although she absolutely could not vote for Bush, she thought Kerry was terrible and would never, ever vote for him. Kerry in her mind was a traitor to the soldiers and could never be trusted because of his having spoken out against the Vietnam war. She said that she knew this charge was true because it was backed by those that served in Vietnam. (As she is a naturalized citizen originally from Germany, a young teenager when the war was going on and didn't come here until she was an adult, it was quite a revelation to see her passion on this issue.)

She said she believes that Kerry refused to support the troops (voting against the $87B), and has always voted against America's defense and even voted against things like body armor for the troops. Therefore he is a terrible man and "the worst traitor ever".

(Things got strange when I asked what we could have done to win the Vietnam war and for what goal. In her mind, what was unacceptable was his not supporting and backing the troops whether or not the war was wrong. "You just don't do this!")

When she talked about how Kerry refused to help the troops by always voting to cut defense spending, I told her that she was repeating the lies the RNC was spreading. (Not the most politic thing to say.) She even used the RNC talking points about why the torture wasn't so bad because Americans had been hurt worse by 9/11 and those Iraqis foully murdered the contractors and then they were cheering the deaths of Americans in Fallujah. In her mind, the Iraqis deserved everything they got because they were killing our troops.

Steve has warned the Kerry campaign that they cannot let Rove paint who Kerry is, yet it is clear from my encounter with my friend (hopefully still a friend if we ever get over this terrible war) that Rove has poisoned the well and it will take a great deal to dispell these lies. Even moreso if FOX and the pundits keep spreading their lies.

BTW: Dwight Meredith has a very good post today about what Kerry needs to do to make sure Bush can't use the "Kerry voted against the troops" argument this time. Let's hope Kerry takes this advice.

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