Tuesday :: May 11, 2004

Tuesday Quick Hits - Iraq, and Why Doesn't Kerry Fire Back At The GOP Hard?

by Steve

Several items of interest this morning for your consideration.

Prisoner Abuse Scandal

If you wanted to put a finger in the eye of the Arab world right about now, you could do no better than what Bush did yesterday in telling the world that Rummy was doing a superb job. Making friends and influencing people indeed….

The Washington Post runs a story this morning that points out the abuse of Iraqis goes beyond how they were physically treated to include the thousands of arrests and detentions without evidence or provision of basic rights under the Geneva Convention. And the decision to deny these Iraqis Geneva Convention rights came from the top.

David Brooks of all people comes to grips with the PNAC fantasy and compares this crowd to the rugged idealists who made our foreign policy after WW II. This is a damn good column.

And Paul Krugman weighs in this morning on the “Just Trust Us” presidency.

Howard Kurtz points out that despite the White House’s best efforts to bully the press into walking away from this story now that Bush and Cheney have told everyone to “get off his back”, this scandal will not go away.

Election 2004

Mark Gersh in the DLC’s Blueprint magazine runs a good electoral analysis of the essentials for John Kerry in going after swing states.

Bush’s jobs program is looking more and more like a Pentagon-led welfare state.

Kerry rolled out his health care program yesterday, a common-sense approach that immediately ran into the usual buzz saw from White House surrogates like Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas, who derided Kerry’s proposals not because they wouldn’t work, but because Kerry hasn’t been a leader in dealing with health care over the years. If Kerry had a true political killer operation here, they would have immediately trotted out their own surrogates to point out that Bill Thomas has been a whore for the various health care industries, and they would have also pointed out that the whole GOP are the last people in the world to be blaming someone else for being MIA on the issue of health care. It could be pointed out that Mr. Thomas and his party have done nothing themselves on bringing health care to the uninsured since the GOP partnered with their corporate buddies to kill the flawed Clinton health care reform package over a decade ago. In fact, if Kerry wanted to score points on this, he would bash the GOP repeatedly for being MIA on health care for the last decade while folks like Bill Thomas have been taking campaign contributions and doing nothing. Kerry could be trumpeting what Howard Dean and others have done in the interim at the state level. But then Kerry doesn’t have a political killer operation, does he?

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