Wednesday :: May 12, 2004

Coalition Provisional Authority Now Claims American Military Never Held Berg

by Steve

The credibility of Paul Bremer, Rummy, and possibly even the White House is heading down regarding the status of beheaded American Nick Berg. Dan Senor, the CPA spokesman said a while ago that to his knowledge at no time was Berg in the custody of the American military, even though it turns out now that the FBI visited Berg three times to talk with him about why he was in Iraq.

The CPA now wants to paint a picture that it was the Iraqi police forces who arrested and held Berg for thirteen days, not the American military. Who do the Iraqi police forces report to? If the FBI was visiting an American citizen in custody in Iraq, why did we allow a citizen to stay in the custody of a police force that we control? And if we didn't control the situation, then why was Berg released so quickly after his parents filed a federal suit April 5 alleging he was being held illegally by the American military? Oh, and the Iraqis in Mosul can't confirm that Berg was even detained by them.

If you are to believe Senor, we don't know why Berg was held in Iraqi police custody for thirteen days, even though we control the Iraqi police. Or do we? Which Iraqi police are we talking about here? Is there another Iraqi police force that we don't know about? And if we don't know why he was held for thirteen days by an unaccountable Iraqi police force, then why did the FBI know where to find him?

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