Friday :: May 14, 2004

Bremer Says US Will Leave If Asked

by Steve

Given how wrong Paul Bremer has been lately on a variety of things, his statement today that the US would leave Iraq if asked by the interim government after July 1 may be a problem for the administration. Bremer made this statement because he thinks that it is unlikely that the interim government will ask the Americans to leave. But once the interim government takes over and the UN-appointed overseer can arrange for more localization of the security forces, and then get more countries willing to come in if the US gives up control, Bremer may find that the Iraqis do in fact want our butts out of there. And then we'll have a real Dick Cheney moment.

Of course it would help if the Defense Department, which Bremer reports to, and the State Department, where an official yesterday said that we would not leave even if asked, could get their stories straight. But that is asking too much of this A-list foreign policy team.

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