Friday :: May 14, 2004

Europeans No Longer Have Any Respect For Us

by Steve

Read this story from the Saturday Washington Post and you'll see how far away we are from American global leadership and respect after three years of the Bush/PNAC foreign policy. Despite all the bluster from Cheney, Rummy, Rice, Wolfowitz, Feith, and the rest about how the rest of the world will follow us even when we use force when and where we want, in a post-Iraq world Europe is basically ignoring what Bush and Powell say now. After seeing Powell's undersecretary say yesterday that the Iraqis can ask us to leave after June 30, then see one of Rummy's generals say just the opposite, the Europeans now hear Powell say today that we would leave if they ask us to. After seeing such an Abbott-and-Costello routine of "Who's On First" pass for our foreign policy leadership in just the last two days, is it any wonder why the Europeans and the rest of the world no longer care what we say?

In three short years, Bush has turned America into a laughingstock amongst the world. Sure, we can blow up and kill whatever we want whenever we want. But who cares? We have no credibility anywhere and we are a joke. And if you don't think the Europeans and the Arab world have already cashed in on this Administration and are waiting for the Kerry Administration, you are kidding yourself.

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