Sunday :: May 16, 2004

Newsweek And Zogby Have Bush's Approval Rating Down To 42%

by Steve

(Thanks to for the graphic)

Today, the latest Newsweek poll came out, showing a 42% approval rating for Bush, the lowest of his presidency. Here is the Zogby report I talked about on Friday, showing similar falling numbers for Bush. Several pollsters are saying that as Bush's support begins to soften up especially amongst moderates, women, and swing voters over the next month or so, Kerry's numbers will gradually increase from the head-to-head tie he is in now. And as you can see from the graphic above summarizing the Time/CNN poll on issues, Kerry is already running even or ahead of Bush on almost everything, including foreign policy.

And after another week of stories about how high up the responsibility goes for authorizing the tactics used in Abu Ghraib, who knows how much lower these numbers will go.

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