Tuesday :: May 18, 2004

The McCain Enable

by pessimist

I hate Windows.

That being said, I have been meaning to post this since Sunday morning, but Bill Gates' Fountain of Wealth had other plans.

Did I even mention that I hate Windows?

I am stuck using Windows becuase that is the only operating system my DSL provider will support.

Remind me to tell you sometime about how much I hate Windows.

What I was going to discuss was the McCain segment of Meet The Press Sunday. But instead, I got another reminder of why I abhor Windows.

There is a lot of discussion out there in media land concerning the dream ticket of Kerry-McCain. Many feel that such a ticket would not only win hands down, but would go a long way toward healing the rift in this country between what are now known as the Red and Blue states.

I tend to agree with these points, but I've been busy reconstructing the operating system on not just one, but TWO of my Windows computers.

Have I mentioned that I REALLY despise Windows?

Why won't McCain accept this spot on Kerry's team? He has a couple of really good reasons - and Tim Russert to his credit touched on both!

Reason Number One for McCain. McCain has been the hated enemy before, the North Vietnamese Windows, so to speak, subject to sadistic abuse when he was a prisoner in North Vietnam. Should McCain accept a spot as John F. Kerry's VP, while the Democrats (via Bob Kerrey) say that he could remain a Republican, would the Republicans allow this?

No way! The GOP would love McCain about as much as I love having to use Windows to post my opinions!.

Think Jim Jeffords here. When Jeffords bolted the party and derailed the plans to commence the Bush disaster, er, (mis)Administration, Jeffords was the subject of a great deal of negative commentary, personal slander, and who knows what all that hasn't been made public. Jeffords did as more Republicans should, but few are as brave or as resolute as Jeffords, or such defections would have been performed by Snowe and Collins and Chaffey by now.

Such was the reason for the personal attacks on Jeffords - make the point that you will pay for refusing to be assimilated when you were told resistance was futile. Kind of like trying to live in the modern world trying NOT to have to use Windows on your computer.

[Note to Mac devotees here - I've used Macs. I have nothing against Macs. I would use Macs in the future if the chance arises. So let's not tie up the comment section with a Mac vs Windows discussion. That can wait until after we get George Warmonger Bush a permanent spot as a brush clearing worker in Crawford, Texas]

There is also the cultural clash McCain would endure having to become a de facto Democrat, and as outspoken as he can be, he wouldn't quietly abide the sorts of positions on issues dear to most Democrats silently. This would only lead to problems within a Kerry-McCain administration and should be avoided.

Via the example of the personal and professional attacks on Jeffords, any Republican would take pause before taking such a step. Kind of like pulling out the Windows installation CD one more time, knowing that at some point you will lose your ass and a whole lot of files that can never be replaced.

Windows is the tool of the devil.

McCain has more personal experience of this kind of personal attack than all of these Liberal Republicans combined - South Carolina.

We don't know everything that McCain heard from the good citizens of the Palmetto State once the Bush camp spread the slander about McCain's adopted daughter being his by a black woman (she's Bangladeshi), but we all know enough about racist elements of our society (from all over the country, I might add. I intend no special slur toward South Carolina that can't be applied to communities in every state in the nation including the one I live in. See also the recent comments by the GOP governor of Maryland against 'ethnic diversity') to know the sorts of comments aimed toward McCain through their whisper campaign among the voters.

But then, have we not come to expect this sort of lowness from the Republican Party since the Rise of Reagan's Morning in America? It's sort of like using Windows - you come to expect that it will crash at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way.

I must tell you someday about how much I detest Windows.

So I understand why McCain doesn't want to risk being connected to the thought that he's even considering accepting the Number Two spot - he's had enough pain in his life.

Reason Number Two for McCain turing down the idea of Running with John F. Kerry is more personal. He really doesn't want the spot. I take him at his word when he refuses on the basis of not wanting the job, displaying what I call apparent sincerity. He appears to me to not just be playing coy - he doesn't want the spot.

I believe that the ego of John S. McCain wouldn't accept being so close to the Oval Office without possessing it, and to his credit I think he recognizes this based on the statements he makes. One should recognize one's limitations (Listening, George?) and prejudices and know when to say when - something I look forward to once my DSL provider begins to support other operating systems than the evil Windows or I change providers.

I've looked at McCain, but it's time to ask why some Democrats are so vocal about such a ticket. There is only one conclusion to draw - the party leaders blew it.

Remember all the talk over the Dean Destruction just before the Iowa Caucuses? The party machinery had a hand in that, trying to keep some kind of control over the party they misguided since they took over.

They can read the polls like everyone else in politics can. The John F. Kerry campaign should be running away with the victory, yet with all the help being donated by the incompetence and veniality of the Bush (mis)Administration, he's barely ahead, and not by a margin that is statistically significant. The only thing left to do is set up the Hail Mary play and hope the momentum develops.

There is still a lot of time left in this game, and the Democrats shouldn't be in such a panic. Instead of pursuing McCain, this energy and effort should be applied to John F. Kerry to get him up to speed. Coming up with the best possible Democratic VP candidate is also something that they should be focussing on. They tried the Great Unification Idea and it didn't fly, so it's time to try something else.

It's time to try something that opens doors - instead of reopening Windows.

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