Tuesday :: May 18, 2004

Tuesday Grab Bag

by Steve

Several stories of interest to start your day. First, after the assassination of the Iraqi Governing Council head yesterday, it appears that a sense of gloom and doom is descending over our occupation in Iraq. Even before yesterday’s developments, there were complaints that we have yet to establish basic security in Baghdad and elsewhere. And even unnamed coalition officials are sounding depressed about how things will turn out in Iraq. But beyond the problems on the ground in Iraq, there are growing concerns with a potentially bigger problem for Bush: the increasing uncertainty and apprehension of the financial markets over the instability in Iraq and the Middle East may harm economic recovery, especially when added to the existing concerns about oil prices and an emerging sell-off in US stocks by foreigners.

David Kay of all people feels that the sarin-filled artillery shell that went off as a crude bomb yesterday is no big deal.

Knight Ridder reported yesterday that the White House kept touting the stories of a discredited Iraqi defector months after their own CIA and DIA had concluded he was full of it. And what other source did the White House reference in their feeble attempts to tout the credibility of their defector? Why, Judith Miller of the NYT, who herself was discredited by repeating these same fictions and doing stenography for the White House about Saddam’s alleged WMD programs. Echo chamber indeed.

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