Wednesday :: May 19, 2004

Bush Finds Israeli Missile Strike Into Gaza March "Troubling" As We Kill 40 At Iraqi Wedding

by Steve

Israeli defense forces, using most likely American-made helicopter gunships, missiles, and tanks, fired into a protest march in Gaza today, killing at least 10 Palestinians, and wounding scores more. According to both the Palestinian officials and the Israeli media, a large number of those injured or killed were children and teenagers.

George W. Bush, speaking to an AIPAC gathering, said the violence was "troubling" but, addressing Jewish-Americans in a tight election campaign, told the powerful pro-Israel lobby group that Israel "has every right to defend itself from terror."

Im sure that a missile strike into a protest march that killed children will be regarded by some as an anti-terror tactic, but only if you already live in hell. And please spare me the BS that the Palestinians brought this on themselves by putting terrorists in the middle of a protest march. Why are we sitting on our hands and wanting only an explanation after Ariel Sharon missile-strikes a protest march?

I just wish John Kerry had the guts to speak out on this issue and risk alienating the Jewish lobby in this country, but he mistakenly assumes that the vast majority of Jewish Americans support this horror.

But then, we just killed forty people ourselves at a wedding party in Iraq today, so I guess were in bad company already.

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