Thursday :: May 20, 2004

Hastert Questions McCain's Understanding Of Sacrifice

by Steve

Here’s a sure way for the GOP to prod John McCain into considering going alone as an Independent or even entertaining John Kerry’s entreaties to be his running mate: have a fat combat-dodging slug like Denny Hastert (medical deferment but was well enough to be college wrestler) question your loyalties to the GOP and your understanding of sacrifice.

It must make McCain’s skin burn to hear another GOP combat-dodger like Tom DeLay (wanted to serve but there were too many Blacks and Hispanics already serving) say that he can’t believe that “those three or four senators are going to bring down one of the best budgets we've ever seen over an issue that makes it difficult for Republicans to get tax relief." McCain’s whole point was that there is no justification for extending tax cuts and large deficits at a time of war when the well-off haven't sacrificed anything in W's war on terra'. Yet slugs like Hastert and DeLay now call into question McCain’s loyalty to the party and his understanding of sacrifice for not supporting more tax cuts and deficits. No wonder the Cato Institute thinks that the best thing to restore the country’s fiscal sanity is to get Kerry into the White House.

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