Friday :: May 21, 2004

Kerry Willing To Delay Accepting Nomination To Wipe Out Bush Spending Advantage

by Steve

Well, at least the guys in Camp Kerry are thinking outside of the box to undercut Bush’s fundraising and spending advantage. Kerry’s camp said just a while ago that they are considering delaying the date that Kerry actually accepts the Democratic nomination so that he can keep spending the campaign’s growing funds presumably right up to the GOP convention. By doing so, Kerry can eliminate the advantage Bush had by scheduling the GOP convention later in the summer, because once a party’s candidate accepts the nomination, they can no longer spend their own campaign funds and must be limited to $75 million in public funds the rest of the way until Election Day. As such, with the Democratic Convention set for July and the GOP convention set for five weeks later, Kerry would have to make his $75 million last five weeks longer than Bush.

Under this idea, Kerry can keep raising and spending money against Bush right up to when he accepts the Democratic nomination, presumably as close as possible to the GOP convention. This wasn’t contemplated when the Democrats were assuming that their candidate would stay within the primary election public financing scheme and saw the GOP decide to exploit the 9/11 tragedy by scheduling their convention for New York late in the summer. But then they didn’t know that Howard Dean and then John Kerry would opt out of the public financing limits and be prolific fundraisers on their own.

Good thinking guys. It shows a willingness to be cutthroat and undercut Bush advantages. Plus, it allows Kerry to keep Bush from grabbing solely the media spotlight and allows Kerry to batter him right up to the GOP convention. At the rate Kerry is raising money and Bush’s numbers are falling, another five weeks of Bush bashing will help significantly.

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