Saturday :: May 22, 2004

Iraqis Say Saddam's Family, Not Al-Zaqawi, Are Responsible For Nick Berg's Killing

by Steve

Boy, it sure is a bitch when your appointed police force has a different agenda that you do. How else to explain the fact that the Iraqi police now say they took into custody over a week ago four men who are responsible for Nick Berg’s murder, with these four being led by Saddam’s nephew. Better yet, they refuse to release these men to us. Yet our military, who still insist despite evidence to the contrary that they didn’t detain Berg at all, now say they have arrested their own four men, two of whom they have subsequently released. Remember the original story by Mr. Bush and his lackeys that Berg’s killers were in fact none other than Al Qaeda kingpin Abu Musab al-Zaqawi, even though al-Zaqawi was either supposedly dead already or had a prosthetic leg? Well, after the CIA said with high probability that al-Zaqawi actually committed the beheading, now the Iraqi police, who I thought we controlled, now have arrested four other men and are ready to blame Berg’s killing on Saddam’s family, and not on al-Zaqawi.

Update: As Ron in Portland points us to this story in Asia Times Online, the Berg videotape itself raises just enough questions to make you wonder what really happened with Nick Berg, and who really killed him.

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