Saturday :: May 22, 2004

Lugar Says Bush Failing While Military Still Denies Bombing A Wedding

by Steve

While Dick Lugar today made sure he won't be getting a Christmas card from George W. Bush, our military leaders in Iraq pathetically still tried to deny they bombed a wedding last week. Yet after presenting what they said was more evidence that there were terrorists at the site, they couldn't explain why the AP had video from the scene of dead women and children, nor why one of Iraq's most popular musicians, who was part of the wedding band, was buried in a high profile funeral late in the week. Nor has the military produced any bodies of terrorists that were killed in the raid. The best General Kimmitt could do was to say that even "bad people have parties too." I guess the dead wedding party doesn't matter to Kimmitt, or the fact that an entire family was slaughtered. They, and the dead women and children, must all be terrorists. Natch.

That should go over well with the Iraqis, shouldn't it?

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