Monday :: May 24, 2004

Bush's BS Speech Tonight On Hope And Tragedy

by Steve

As George W. Bush tries to convince you tonight that the choice in Iraq is between “hope and tragedy”, ask yourself how the Iraqis define “hope?” Do they define hope as the slaughter of a wedding party at the hands of a military that can’t bring itself to admit it made a horrendous mistake and is willing to make amends any way possible?

Do the Iraqis define hope as the destruction of the holy city of Karbala, all because we wanted one man dead?

Do Iraqis define hope as the brutalization and torture of innocent Iraqi noncombatants by American military, intelligence, and contract staff who themselves should be subject to the International Criminal Court? Will Iraqis feel that the destruction of Abu Ghraib and its replacement with a brand new maximum security prison is a step towards hope?

Do the Iraqis define hope as the thousands of dead countrymen and relatives caused not by our falsely sold war of liberation, but rather our misguided and illegal occupation?

Mr. Bush will say tonight that “history is moving, and it will tend toward hope or tend toward tragedy.” Yet we already know from Bob Woodward that Mr. Bush cares not a wit about history. So as you listen to Mr. Bush talking crap about hope and tragedy tonight, keep in mind how he has spent the better part of four years crushing the former and inflicting the latter upon so many here and overseas.

How hollow will it sound to the average Iraqi to hear George W. Bush of all people talk about hope?

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