Monday :: May 24, 2004

More On CBS Poll: Kerry Now Pulls 11% Of GOP Voters, And 51% Of Independents

by Steve

Lost in the rush to post the results of the CBS News Poll today, I missed the most important parts. Aside from the sliding approval ratings for Bush, the head-to-head match up in this poll now shows Kerry leading Bush 49%-41%. This is up from a 46%-44% Kerry margin over Bush just last month. The 49% figure for Kerry is the highest this year.

But check out some of these other numbers.

Bush GOP Support
Now: 84%
April: 91%

Kerry GOP Support
Now: 11%
April: 7%

Independent Support (April in parentheses)
Kerry: 51% (43%)
Bush: 35% (39%)

Favorable Impressions
Bush: 36% (38%)
Kerry: 32% (27%)

That’s right, Kerry’s favorables are finally going up.

Who knows? After a month or so of Kerry talking about fiscal responsibility and reestablishing competence in our foreign policy, he may break the 15% plateau for GOP support. And then how worried will the White House be about their own third party challenge?

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