Tuesday :: May 25, 2004

Deep Thoughts With John Feehery

by rayman

I realize that other bloggers have already mentioned Hastert spokesman John Feehery's quip in Sunday's Post ("It's extremely difficult to govern when you control all three branches of government."), but the more I think about it, the more Feehery's statement deserves Kremlinologist-worthy parsing.

First, of course, is the Yogi Berra-like absurdity of the statement, nothing more of which needs to be said.

Feehery's quote is also revealing in that he essentially admits that Republicans control the judicial branch. Of course, this is something that we've known about for years, but it's still nice to hear coming from the mouth of a leading GOP apparatchik.

More importantly, I think Feehery's statement reveals a certain sheepishness on the part of the GOoPer faithful. After 60 years as the minority party, followed by 8 years of divided government, Republicans finally control the brass ring of American politics. However, rather than relishing their newfound dominance, Feehery's quote seems like a tacit admission that his party is unable to rise to the challenge of, y'know, governing. Instead, they pine for the halcyon days as the minority party, when they could cheerfully rail against Democratic incompetence and treachery. Pathetic.

Of course, the other possibility is that Feehery was just talking out of his posterior, and thus his quote deserves no critical attention whatsoever. But that would take all the fun out of it, right?

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