Tuesday :: May 25, 2004

Bad News For Bush? Time For Another Terror Warning

by Steve

(Thanks to PollingReport.com for the graphic.)

So let’s take inventory. Bush tanks his major speech on Iraq. Bush sees poll numbers that show new lows in his approval ratings. Bush makes a scapegoat of one of his leading generals in Iraq to cover for Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and his vice president. So what is the Bush White House Standard Operating Procedure to shore up its gullible base and distract the public?

Why, it must be time for another terrorist warning. And as usual, to show how credible and serious this threat is, it is based on no specified evidence or threat.

The official declined to provide any specifics about the sources of the information but said there was an unusually high level of corroboration.

“Curveball” type corroboration, no doubt?

So it must be really serious, right? Well, no. It turns out that the administration has no plans to raise the threat indicator.

Despite that, the official said there was no immediate plan to raise the nation's terrorism threat level from yellow, or elevated, to orange, or high. The threat level has been at yellow — midpoint on the five-color scale — since January.

Well, are there any details on who these guys are and how many there may be? Well. No again.

The official did not say how many suspected al-Qaida or other terrorist operatives are believed in the country, whether they made their way into the United States recently or have been here for some time.

Boy, it must be a bitch for the White House to plan for disrupting the Democratic convention with a sudden increase in the terrorism threat level when that damn John Kerry won’t commit to when the convention will be, huh?

Well, at least we can rest assured that Bush’s war on terra’ did its job and crippled Al Qaeda. Oh wait….

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