Tuesday :: May 25, 2004

Kerry Introduces The "Saudi-George Bush Gas Tax" - Rove Responds Limply With Patriot Act

by Steve

Don’t look now, but the Kerry camp seems to be learning how to hit on the right issue at the right time in the right area. Today, while in the Pacific Northwest, Kerry introduced a new tag-line, the “Saudi-George Bush gas tax”, an argument that we said a week ago would work due to a recent Zogby poll that showed the Bush Administration vulnerable on such a connection.

Kerry also chose today in the Northwest to remind voters of his plan for energy independence, hitting all the right notes while blaming Bush for inaction.

Kerry blamed rising gasoline prices largely on uncertainty in the Middle East, a major source of U.S. fuel, and accused Bush of inaction.

Kerry said as president he would invest in new technologies and alternative fuels and establish "a realistic fuel economy standard," coupled with tax incentives for consumers to buy and manufacturers to build more efficient vehicles. "We can do better," he said.

And the best the Bush campaign could do today was to roll out a new ad buy that bashes Kerry for not supporting the Patriot Act. Great, Einstein, is that the best you can do? Do you really think any swing voter places the Patriot Act at the top of their list of important and popular items?

Good job Rove, you moron. These guys have hit Kerry with $100 million in ad buys, have used up their arsenal, and the best they can do six months out from the election is to run on the Patriot Act?

What does that tell you about the state of Bush/Cheney 2004?

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