Wednesday :: May 26, 2004

A Crockwork Yellow

by pessimist

Here we go again.

George falls of his wheels and cracks his noggin, gives a speech a couple of days later that was intended to show what a strong and resolute leader he is and gets laughed off the stage by world opinion, and the 'reminder' of terrorist cells in America is once again trotted out to frighten the populace into the compliance the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse needs in order to conduct their 'bidniss'.

How many times are we going to play this movie? The plot's tired, and we've already seen all the special effects. Shock and Awe has been overplayed into schlock and yawn.

This episode might as well be entitled The Texas Chain Gun Massacre in the House on Baghdad Street on Halloween Friday the Thirteenth MMIV

For all you kids that are products of the Republican-run grade school systems in the nation, MMIV is a Roman Numeral for 2004. You can go back to playing with your Masters of the Universe action figures now.

There is a real threat of terror in this country. On this point, I will concede that the actions of the BFEE/PNACPPP could and (hopefully not) maybe would inspire a terrorist act by a foreign national living here in the US under cover of Constitutional privacy.

But foreign terrorists are actually the least of our worries - we grow our own domestic terrorists. Americans. Ready to do battle with America.

And they are ready to destroy us to save us.

We have a current reminder of this as I write this with the trial of Terry Nichols in Oklahoma. His involvement in the Murrah Building Bombing is the worst domestic terrorist act in modern American history. His motivations include saving America from Americans leading the country astray (as he saw it).

We currently have Eric Rudolph, William Krar, Paul Hill. We have people like Neal Horsely who promote aid for, and abet efforts by, the likes of Paul Hill to become Murderers For God and Country. You have 'Men of God' like Donald Spitz who use the Bible to promote some very un-Christian acts that Jesus would strongly condemn.

And before the wingnuts spin off their bolts and hurt someone, the Left has a terror history as well. I do remember the Weathermen and the SLA having had their turn as the Domestic Terror Threat. The Black Panthers had their violent members, as well as militant elements of the Black Muslims, and others, sworn to kill Whitey once the Revolution broke out. There were militants of all races and colors espousng violent action - Indians, Chicanos, etc. had theirs as well - so a multi-cultural society was an equal opportunity environment for domestic terror, just like it is now with the political spectrum shifted so far to the other extreme.

All any self-righteous zealot needs is a cause. Judge Roy Moore being compelled to obey the very law he's empowered to enforce could be seen by someone blinded by religious zealotry as an attack upon Christianity. It could be abortion, or the IRS, or any of dozens of other motivations available for exploitation by those who feel trapped and powerless in the face of a mighty myth they created for themselves in their isolation.

The current case here in California is the ACLU case against the City of Redlands for the Christian symbology embedded in the official seal. I live near Redlands, and while I wasn't too fond of the blatant promotion of a specific religion by a governmental organization in their official symbols, I think that there are far better uses for the limited resources of the ACLU right now.

Hey ACLU - you ever hear of John Ashcroft?

There is a hill in the Santa Ana River valley on the edge of Riverside that has a large cross on the top of it, which can be seen for miles across the valley in just about every direction - smog from gas-guzzling SUVs and diesel engines permitting. It doesn't bother me too much. In fact, I'm more incensed at the memorial to some horse I never heard of on that same hill than I am the Christian cross at the top.

I'm not too keen on that cross, but I figure that I'm not going to worry about it too much, provided all the other religions have their prominent places of promotion for their religious symbols. We could have the Star of David in the Valley, and the Muslim crescent near San Gabriel. The Ba'hai Temple in Newport Beach is a wonderful thing to see (as is the one outside Wilmette, Illinois). There is an incredibly visual Mormon temple near La Jolla with the Angel Moroni (That's more-oh-NYE!) trumpeting out from the tallest spire.

My point is that there is already a lot of religious symbology out there in our community, and the respective True Believers have to be very defensive about them.

But none of these emblems I present here are officially representative of the government, which is Constitutionaly barred from actively promoting ANY religion.

There was a reason for this. Suppose my idea of every religion having a prominent presentation site for their religious emblems were to exist right now. How long before these emblems become symbols of divisiveness? It would Balkanize the nation. It would provide an incentive for some misguided zealot to take an action in the name of his version of the diety he worships against someone else's version of that same divinity. Think of gang warfare with a religious fundiment. Urban Warfare. Terrorism.

With the victory in Riverside, the ACLU is now advancing on the City of Los Angeles about the religious symbology in their official emblem. This isn't a wise move right now, guys. Once we get past the Crusade for Crude, and the Clash of the World's Religious Cultures is ended, we might go back to dealing with a government that ignores its own laws regarding religious symbols in official government emblems. Right now, religious nerves on all sides are raw, and tempers have short fuses. We live in an era where it is considered OK in much of the world to kill for your beliefs. We need fewer reasons to ignite these passions, not more.

We already had Irv Rubin's JDL, in addition to all the others I cited above, commit acts of urban terror for religious reasons. The death of Muslim activist Alex Odeh in Santa Ana in 1985 was just as heinous an act as the latest car bombing in Baghdad. Do we really want to light the fuse of militant religious zealotry in America?

Just as the world's Muslims are beginning to think that, mainly through the actions of Crusader-in-Chief George Warmonger Bush, there just MIGHT be something to the claims that Islam is under assault by the Christian West, American Christians seem to feel that their religious beliefs and practices are under assault (while they perform the same sorts of actions of which they complain about against every other non-Christian religious expression through their efforts to have America declared 'a Christian nation').

We already know that there are many 'good' Christians out there ready to act violently in the name of their religious beliefs and to Christian Hell with the rest of us. I am much more afraid of them than I am afraid of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda isn't running my country.

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