Wednesday :: May 26, 2004

Post Reporters Eat White House Spin On Kerry Convention Stories

by Steve

In a sign that the media still hasnít overcome its appetite for White House spin, the Washington Post team of Jim VandeHei and Dan Balz ran a story today on Kerryís challenge in delaying accepting the nomination to level the playing field against Bush. The Post reporters have apparently adopted the White House-RNC meme that doing this will cost Kerry a lot in the PR battle. How many voters really give a ratís ass when Kerry accepts the nomination? And why exactly did Mr. VandeHei and Mr. Balz swallow this line of Ed Gillespie crap without asking why Mr. Bush isnít just as craven by delaying the GOP convention to exploit 9/11 and maximize his primary fundraising?

Worse yet, the Post headlined this RNC garbage while it buried Kerryís message of the day on his energy policy and attacks against Bush on gas prices and Iraq. Maybe Mr. VandeHei is getting pointers from his wife, who used to work for Tom DeLay. Maybe its because the White House has got the big stick out again, blaming the media for all of the bad news.

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