Wednesday :: May 26, 2004

Pledging The Animal Louse

by pessimist

Rush's forced conscripts

Why does Limbaugh's program, as the only long-form political talk show broadcast daily to U.S. troops, enjoy exclusive access to American Forces Radio -- and American forces in Iraq?

"He says things like liberals hate Americans and we're trying to undermine the war on terror," says comedian Al Franken, a host for liberal radio station Air America who has also entertained troops on four USO tours. "It's a bad message for troops to be hearing and is a very skewed picture of what liberals and Democrats stand for. They're broadcasting a very, very partisan guy -- [with] nobody from the other side -- and they're using taxpayer money to do it."

"It's YOUR money!" - George Warmonger Bush

Want to do something about this?

Remove Rush Limbaugh from American Forces Radio

We, the undersigned, ask Secretary Rumsfeld to order the American Services Network to cease broadcasting Rush Limbaugh’s radio program immediately, before he further undermines the military’s command structure and endangers our troops.
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