Wednesday :: May 26, 2004

The Oily Boid Fuels The World?

by pessimist

It's good to see that research into alternative fuels is becoming popular again, but who thought that the providers would also be gobblers?

Carthage operation first in nation to turn turkey waste into oil products

Three years after breaking ground, Renewable Environmental Solutions is converting turkey waste from the local Butterball plant into oil, gas and other marketable products at an operation that is the first of its kind in the country.

"We have proven the technology works," said P.J. Samson, president of Renewable Environmental Solutions, a joint-venture company formed by ConAgra Foods and Changing World Technologies, a New York company that developed the technology.

The plant has begun processing some of the 200 tons of waste - blood, bone, offal, feathers and more - that Butterball generates daily and converting it into 100 to 200 barrels of oil a day. The oil is sold to a local company that blends it with its fuel for power generation. Appel and Samson said the plant has a capacity for 500 barrels of oil a day that could be sold to utilities, fuel blenders or even to oil refineries.

Methane, which also is produced during the process, is used to fuel the plant's boilers, generating the heat needed for the process. "We duplicated what Mother Nature does, but what Mother Nature took millions of years to do, we do in about 30 minutes," Samson said. The procedure will turn anything that is carbon-based, from tires to plastic pop bottles, into hydrocarbons.

"This is certainly a technology we think that has a lot of promise for growing our plant in an environmentally sustainable manner," said Julie DeYoung, a spokeswoman for Butterball.

Granted, this is new technology, but I hope that it works out just as it's being promoted. Tires can be used, huh? I'm sure we can find a few lying about the country here and there. Then we can tell OPEC that we are 'tired' of them - for good!

Yes, I know that this 500 barrels a day hardly matches the excitement of drilling in wildlife preserves, but it's a start.

This is the sort of American ingenuity that I have been waiting for. I await others to join in.

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