Friday :: May 28, 2004

Iraq Causing Heartburn For Voters and GOP

by Steve

A couple of stories in the Post this morning show you why Iraq and specifically Abu Ghraib are causing significant internal problems for the GOP. First, the Post runs a story originating from their most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll that indicates a broad cross-section of Americans are increasingly worried and more notably angry about our involvement in Iraq. The comments from several of the respondents are telling, even the typical GOP voter behind the sandwich counter in Florida, who wants to deal with Bush’s screw up by, naturally, bombing and killing more Iraqis. Aside from that typical GOP ignoramus, (who from the looks of him isn’t likely to be in danger of having to fight himself anytime soon), the comments from the rest of those quoted seemed to be worried about Bush’s decision, and some are outright angry at him.

Second, the Post reports that John Warner, who has interpreted his job as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee to be a Bush apologist at times, has finally decided to anger the White House and GOP by not letting go of the prison abuse scandal. The usual GOP loons, such as James Inhofe, Tom DeLay, and Duncan Hunter, some of whom are chicken hawks, of course want the issue swept under the rug because it allegedly hurts the war on terra’. But then to these guys anything bad for the GOP hurts the war on terra’. Warner, to his credit, wants the full story out. I’m sure at some point Rove will get Warner to cave in, but you never know. Warner may simply have had enough of this administration ruining the reputation of our armed forces.

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