Friday :: May 28, 2004

Kerry Vows To Destroy The Terrorists - Bushies Respond With Usual Moronic Drivel

by Steve

During a trip in Wisconsin today, John Kerry pledged to “destroy the terrorists” and internationalize the security presence in Iraq so that US troops can be withdrawn as soon as possible. This is a good, clever message that combines toughness and the appropriate focus (finding and killing terrorists) with a “get the troops home” focus. It allows Kerry to point out the incompetence of Bush’s approach, where troops have been committed on false pretenses and an illogical premise to a war with no exit strategy or definition of success. This also lets people know that there will be no open ended troop-draining deployment of American troops in a Kerry Administration, which is necessary to fight terror and not repeat the neanderthalic blunders of the Bush Administration.

As usual, the Bush campaign responded with its usual drivel, irrelevant to what Kerry was talking about.

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