Saturday :: May 29, 2004

Doing the Government's Work for Them

by Mary

One of dKos' more interesting alumni is PatK, someone who realized that the Bush administration's disregard for the soldiers they sent to Iraq who fight and die for us in Iraq would result in reports that prove less than complete when providing accurate and complete information to the American public about the continuing deaths (who died and how they died) in Iraq. As a concerned citizen (and a highly moral human being) PatK decided that she could make sure each military death in Iraq was noted, recorded and mourned. Pairing up with Elvis56, the two maintain the Iraqi Coalition Report - a site used by any number of news teams all over the world - because they realized that under the current administration the official US reports are designed to hide and minimize the deaths. Pat and Elvis56 rigorously account for each death (see their methodology) and only add a death to their report when it is shown to be valid. She and Elvis56 are to be commended for doing for free the work our government should be doing simply because the truth matters and those that die in Bush's war should not be ignored and forgotten. (Under the Bush administration, our government has no compulsion about lying about everything - what are a few deaths if they get to hang on to their ability to make a dollar?)

Anyway, PatK has been holding a vigil every Thursday night for the past 14 months since this awful war started with a sign showing the number of dead and another asking why they are dying in her own little corner of the California Bay Area. This week she saw the face of the rabid right as they start to realize their little war is coming to a bad end and wrote a remarkable essay about that experience. We know that the rabid right will act like mad dogs because they will never admit that they were wrong about their irrational hatred of all Islamic people and their own undying lust for war. Do read her account and get prepared for the irrational anger of those who will blame liberals for the failures of the Bush administration.

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