Saturday :: May 29, 2004

Was This The Attack Ashcroft Warned Us About?

by pessimist

Doesn't look like an attack on America as much as it looks like an attack on Anericans.

Saudis Attack Militants Holding 50 Hostages

KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - Saudi forces on Sunday launched an attack on suspected al Qaeda militants holed up with 50 foreign hostages at a housing compound in the eastern oil city of Khobar, security sources said. Witnesses heard shots as the gunmen, armed with grenades and machineguns, exchanged gunfire with the Saudis, who included special forces units. "The forces have begun the raid on the militants," one security source said. Security sources had earlier said the building where the hostages are being held had been booby-trapped. Ambulances and fire engines stood ready at the site.

Security forces had surrounded the building in the luxury Oasis compound after militants on Saturday killed at least nine Saudis and seven foreigners in attacks on complexes housing Western oil firms and expatriates in Khobar.

The hostages include a large number of Westerners, including Americans, security sources said. Militants were also holding Christian Arabs.

The assault on compounds housing expatriates including oil workers was likely to rattle oil markets and dent confidence in the kingdom's grip on security as it battles militants loyal to Saudi-born al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Hmmm, ... Maybe this WAS an attack on America after all. We DO get 43% of our SUV-wasted oil imports from Saudi Arabia!

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